PLUMB — Multifunctional Roof Rack

PLUMB — Multifunctional Roof Rack

May 18, 2022

PLUMB is online

Created a new design style of the Land Rover Defender

after 3 months


Continue to refresh everyone's aesthetics of guards


"luggage rack"

All standard version models are upgraded to the dark special edition

on the contrary

Diablo special edition users are dismantling the original luggage rack

Users of the upgraded standard version eventually removed the upgraded luggage rack

Based on the feelings of all guard users, there are the following points

“Too much wind noise”

“The location is too high”

"The overall proportion is not coordinated enough"

"The rate of shirt collision is too high"


Works in this issue

"M-one series" multifunctional roof rack

solve all pain points


— Main structure and details —

Mechanical splicing design

engraving craft texture

clean structure


— Slide rail opening and closing structure —

Design of Adjustable Telescopic Sliding Rail Structural Crossbar

Can be divided into open / close two states


Integration of guide slider modules

Make the crossbar switch state more smoothly


— On state —

Will not affect the overall light transmission of the skylight

In the open state, the crossbar is equipped with an accidental touch protection module

Mishandling can cause the sunroof to touch the protection module

Activating the sunroof automatic protection mechanism will not cause any damage to the sunroof


- Disabled -

Roof storage platform in closed position

Allows full opening of the sunroof

and eliminate wind noise to a greater extent


— Installation structure —

Original non-destructive replacement base installation


Harmonious enough not to feel like an add-on

Make the vehicle more coordinated and complete


— Load capacity —

Open/close 2 states

107kg dynamic load

The crossbar will not have any overload deformation

Allows the roof rack to have a super load capacity


— Extended functions —

5 horizontal bars and 2 extra long longitudinal bars

There are guide rail expansion slots on the top surface and side surface respectively

Various types of expansion sliders can be expanded

Expansion, fixed for any use

Factory equipped

Ring screw X4/tension fixing module X8/tensioner X2


Luggage racks have been around "one low cover one hundred ugly"

The highest position of the multifunctional roof rack is the height of the longitudinal bar

lower the luggage rack to a minimum

Not only can better solve the problem of wind noise

It can also make the whole vehicle more coordinated


— Closed status display —


— Open status display —


— Equipment status display —


In this age of information inflation

not affected by any distracting thoughts

each original work

What I bring to you is the dedication and responsibility



PLUMB—the ultimate choice for Land Rover Defender



— PLUMB fuel tank cap —




— PLUMB multifunctional tailgate platform —




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