PLUMB— The ultimate choice for the Land Rover Defender

PLUMB— The ultimate choice for the Land Rover Defender

Before PLUMB appeared

Everyone's only choice is the original factory option


There is another option

Another style

Another attitude

The debut of PLUMB

"M-ONE Series"

Shock your visual perception with 5 original products




This is not a simple "shell"

Ways of Chip Assembly Replacement

Subversively change the "battery car" appearance of the original key

The inlay method of the side sliding spare key

Make Kai more equipped



— PLUMB Set-top box —

Car radio is a necessary equipment for off-road vehicles

Replacement of the position of the glasses case

Put radio at your fingertips

The interior layout is more reasonable

Compatible radio: Yaesu 6000R / ICOM2730




— PLUMB Fuel tank cap —

Non-destructive replacement of the original fuel tank cap

The splicing of multiple composite materials makes the whole more layered

The semi-perspective of the structure is more futuristic

The outer frame can be freely matched according to the body color



— Same as the body color effect —



— PLUMB Multifunctional Tailgate Platform —

"Wild Luxury"

Current mainstream outdoor activities

Versatile tailgate platform solves cooking problems while out and about

Make the outdoor experience more fully and conveniently

The multi-function platform is divided into the following states and functions



— Closed state —

Multifunctional platform equipped with equipment expansion board

Expand the grid to fix any items and equipment

Ships with two tool kits

One of the kits comes with a camping light



— Platform Opening Method —

The steps to open the platform are as follows

Simple, fast and stable



— Loading and space —

The space capacity after the platform is opened is very ideal

Can accommodate the largest size of regular outdoor cooker

The ultimate load can reach 25KG

The platform can be divided into upper and lower layers

Make use more flexible and convenient



— Half-open equipment state —

Assembly 90° downturn design

In order to make better use of the storage space of the original tailgate panel

Factory spare tools can be taken out at any time



— Camp Light On Status —

The quick release and height of the camp light can be adjusted at will

The camp light is equipped with two kinds of power plugs

One is the battery + - pole directly

The other is the cigarette lighter plug

Make the night of camping no longer dark

Camp light with wireless remote control

You can adjust the brightness and switch at will



— PLUMB Dry Carbon Cover Kit —

Semi-perspective cabin design

PLUMB's engine guard is visible through the tempered glass

In addition to a more coordinated aesthetic sense of proportion

State-of-the-art dry carbon manufacturing process

Significant improvements in strength, weight and heat dissipation

Kit includes: Hood body/Tempered glass/Air intake trim/Engine guard/Guard bracket



— Engine guard —

The main body of the engine guard is still dry carbon fiber material

The middle V8 styling parts are metal engraving process

Embossed specular high-gloss LOGO makes the overall texture stronger



— Air inlet and streamline —

More reasonable streamline design

better thermal performance

The proportion of the whole vehicle is more coordinated and smooth


















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