PLUMB“M-one” Expansion Equipment Box

PLUMB“M-one” Expansion Equipment Box

Original Optional Side Box

"wind noise"

"blocking the view"

This is what everyone has been discussing


Redefine the installation method of the equipment box


-  Works in this issue -

"M-one series"

Expansion Equipment Box


- Main part -

The left and right pairs are a set

Comes with velcro strap/case lock key


— Structural Analysis —

Full carbon box assembly

Lightweight meets strength

Impeccable texture and texture


Buckle design for equipment box

Ensure the convenience of opening and closing the box

At the same time solve the problem of abnormal bumps and noises during driving


Mosaic relationship between aluminum-magnesium alloy and carbon fiber

clear, clean, consistent


Badge embossed and high-gloss mirror finish

Make the whole more advanced


The design of the box locking mechanism

Easy to use and strong integrity


In terms of fit

The box body is perfectly connected with the original car lines from the inside to the outside

No modifications to the body are required

Non-destructive replacement of trim panels


— On state —

Both the box body and the box cover are equipped with expansion boards

Make equipment more flexible


— Internal Space Dimensions —

385X105X80mm storage space

Applicable to various equipment solutions


— Equipment plan —

The accommodation space of the left and right sides of the box

Fixed storage of various commonly used equipment

Easier to use


— Loading proportion —


— All black body effect —


In this age of information inflation

not affected by any distracting thoughts


each original work

What I bring to you is the dedication and responsibility




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PLUMB—the ultimate choice for Land Rover Defender



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